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the beltway. we do have just a report of some degree many the roadway on the inner loop at washington boulevard and a water main break. more details when we come back. jamie and megan back to you. >>> 6:09, sir r mix a lot and they have been on the song baby got back. >> have a little junk in your trunk actually is a good thing. >>> and a pipe, the deal to get you if you decide to donate blood. >>> i'm conan o'brien and i may soon be available for children's parties. >> the jokes keep coming at nbc's expense but what conan o'brien has to say about the proposal to move the tonight show. cc what's going on? we ordered a gift online and we really need to do something with it... i'm just not sure what... what is it? oh just return it. returning gifts is easier than ever with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. plus i can pick it up for free. perfect because we have to get that outta this house. c'mon, it's not that... gahh, oh yeah that's gotta go... priority mail flat rate shipping starts at $4.95 only
's go live to washington, dc, and meet up this morning with vivian hertado. >> reporter: good morning, mr. obama will give his first first state of the union address when polls show his support is on the decline. in the state of the union address this evening, the president will try to win back voters who once backed him but sent republicans to key offices in new jersey, virginia, and massachusetts. the speech will focus mainly on the economy, creating jobs, and getting the government's fiscal house in order. speaking exclusively with diane sawyer he said that means reigning in the trillion dollars deficit. >> it will be a slow chipping away. i will propose a series of measures that shows we are serious about it. >> reporter: president obama is proposing to control spending by imposing a pay freeze for political appointees and senior white house staff and a spending freeze 1/8th of the budget. it's expected to save $250 billion over ten years. republican on capitol hill are balking although these propro -- at these proposals. >> it will take more than this modest freeze to get us back
made clear he wants them to take effect immediately. viviana hurtado, abc news, washington. >>> 's nine minutes after the hour of 6:00. happy willis mcgahee day. ken uelmen declared that in honor of his native son. rushing for a season high 167 yards, and we're still talking about this one, the stiff arm. so kenny uelmen has been encouraging all county employees to wear ravens gear on willis mcgahee day. don't you love that? >> i do love that. if we were to say who was the favorite on the anchor desk, hands down it's you. >> really? >> yeah, because you get to go to the game. he'll have a full report on sunday night so you better be here monday morning. >> i'm playing wild tackle. i'll be the wild side. >> reporter: excited? >> very excited. i'll be more excited to go to indianapolis. >> i know. that's next. wear a hat when you are up this. it will be cold. >> and gloves. >> and scarf. right, justin? >> it will be cold out there. i want jamie to know while he's on the field reporting, i'll be sitting on my couch and taking numerous bathroom breaks at my leisure hitting pause on the tv.
train was carrying about 123 passengers from new york to washington when the deadly accident occurred. >> they were walking along the tracks. the amtrak train did in fact come by as they were walking parallel on the tracks. the friend she was walking with, that ann marie was walking with was able to get out of the way. >> amtrak has tried to maintain a fence but children have found ways to get through and around this gate. >> we see people all the time just cut the gate and you crawl under the fence. >> we call the cops because we don't want anybody getting hurt. >> service began after two hours and investigators continued to search, anna's tiny body remained tucked between the tracks. >> kids don't think nothing is going to happen to them. but it does. >> friends of anna who know that first hand want others to learn from this tragedy. >> why would you risk your life just to take a short cut? suck it up and walk the extra mile. >> brief counselors are on hand today to deal with there and support anna's class mates. >>> it is 6:06. in cockeysville we have a family calling for action af
department anybody without seriously. >>> a casino. the maryland jockey club is paying a washington based club to collect signatures for the petition. they operate the racetrack and want the slots operation to be located there instead. the coalition of neighborhood groups also trying to stop the slots at mills. >>> it is 606 the imtim. the -- 6:06, the tv show, david letterman of course born and raised there. in 1984 they got a football team. this saturday night our team, fans will travel to watch a pretty good football game. here is our travel agent. >>> thank you. if you want to go to indi, we have to act fast because the few deals left are disappearing quickly. we checked with a number of hotels near the stadium and the message was clear. no availability on game but but we were able to find some rooms further from the stadium. an internet based travel company called magic travel for you to the come. he's offering a package deal that includes a round trip ticket that leaves early friday morning and returns early sunday morning along with two nights near the airport. it is less than $38
way across the 41st street bridge. >>> and there is no way that this washington state farmer can turn this piglet into bacon. she has an incredible story of survival. you see, pig-pig refers to run with dogs. there is a reason why. all this started when she was a new born her mom died, fell on the piglet nearly crushing her; she was flat as a pancake. no heart beet. he did the first thing which was mouth to snout. >> after five minutes of cpr pig-pig was breathing. that's where the dogs came in. they put pig-pig with a litter of puppies. pig-pig is healthy and has an identity crisis, holy cow, that's not a cow but a pig. >> holy pig! >> that's a cute story. >> that's great. way to go, pig-pig. >> my life feels better ar already. >>> wind and rains. >> recovering from the wild weather. >>> thousands in the dark. latest on thests to get the power restored.
officials had to the american people. >> timothy geithner, heated hearing in washington. it all comes down to dollars and cents with the treasury secretary. >>> baltimore county police say she saved her head and told old classmates she had terminal cancer. it's a scam that has people talking this morning. >>> thanks for joining
is flowing freely. a pair of accidents in the area in elkridge. you'll see a crash at washington boulevard and montgomery road. also in towson, we've been letting you know all morning you should expect heavy traffic and gridlock between the hours of 11:00 and 2:00 downtown because of the presidential motorcade. expect lombard, pratt, charles to all be affected. it is quiet at this time looking downtown. >>> all new this morning on the beach of snger island in florida, it was closed for a second day yesterday due to numerous shark sightings. yikes. look at this. aerial video and you can see dozens if not hundreds of sharks swimming very close to the shore. every year at this time this happens. sharks of every variety follow in schools of migrating fish along the florida coastline and double red flags are normally posted to warn swimmers of the dangers. yeah that'll keep them away. >>> and a georgia guy found a stash of cash but he lives just outside of atlanta. he bought a car for 400 bucks, right? police impounded it in a drug bust and he and his grandson fixed it up to find $200,000 of
the death toll up between 50,000 and 100,000. viviana hurtado, abc news, washington. >>> 6:02. we sit and watch and see the faces looking back at us here and we want to know how we can help. >> linda so has more on how prayer and cash will help. >> reporter: it will help fill a need that is growing by the day. many local churches are stepping in, praying and raising money hoping to ease the suffering in haiti. at the miracle temple in baltimore members lost family or still can't get in touch with them. they are raising money to support a doctor and his team heading to haiti. across town at new samist church another -- psalmist church, another fundraiser, they are trying to raise money to get together bags of food, clothing and water. there are members of that church who also lost family in haiti but the message is pray, be strong and give to those in need. >> we have had, i believe it was 20 people, extended family members, who were crushed in a church during a an afternoon church service in port-au-prince during the earthquake and we also lost five family members in the area outsid
plunged into a creek in washington, dc and then flipped over. a jogger called 911 after seeing joshua coleman's car in the partially frozen stream in rock creek park. fire crews freed coleman from the car but he died at the scene. according to his facebook page coleman graduated from hopkins and recently worked in acquisitions for the united states navy. police still don't know what caused the crash. >>> 6:03. in baltimore county police are hoping an anonymous tipster will call them again to help them find a missing woman. this is 23-year-old jerryell foster. we told you before, the young mother has not been seen for more than a month. police say a couple of weeks ago they got a call about this love seat, potentially a key element in their investigation because officers noticed it was missing when they searched foster's home back on november 30th. detectives want the person who called them a few weeks ago to call again. they say that person can always remain anonymous. >>> 6:03. to mark the first anniversary of barack obama becoming president "the new york times" is out with one scar
into custody early yesterday morning. ray had been stationed at the marine headquarters in washington, d.c. >>> meantime baltimore city police are looking for the person who killed exmarine steven makia, back on december 20th of last year. his brother found him dead inside an apartment on bell avenue. detectives say he had been hanging out at gather son boulevard. makia did two tours of duty in iraq. if you know any information call homicide detectives, we'll pass the number (410)396-2100 if you have any information on this death. >>> here is the latest on haiti, nobody knows how many bodies are buried in the rubble. haitian leaders estimate that the earthquake earlier this month killed at least 150,000 people. and that number doesn't count those still in the debris carried off by relatives or killed in the outlying quake zone. the government officially ended the search and rescue phase in the post earthquake recovery over the weekend, sighting little hope of finding more victims alive. helicopters and transport planes are delivering relieve supplies to those in desperate need right now.
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11